Definition: Necropology  (n. neh-crow-pol-o-gee)
1. The scientific study of all things related to the undead and zombies.
2. The home of internationally recognized zombie experts: The Madore Brothers.

Here at we employ an interdisciplinary approach in our research into the Zombie Undead.  Whether the answer to our query lies within Physics, Neuroscience, Chemistry, Biology, Anthropology, History or others, we will not stop until we find it, understand it, add to it and write about it. The key to our research is the Scientific Method – if a field of study employs “the method”, we will employ that field in our efforts.  The more the merrier.  We have made major breakthroughs in Zombie Science – we are pleased to offer those results, here, now, for you….

Here at you will find the starting point for a new discussion of the undead.  Forget everything you know or thought you knew about zombies! 

Simply click any of the paper links below and READ THE PAPERS ENTIRELY FOR FREE right here.

The PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES: Madore’s Rules of Zombie Cohesion, Zombie Cells and Super Cells, Zombie Black Holes, Zombie Cell Stress-Fission and Zombie Quirks

THE PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES: The first paper covers zombie organizational traits. Zombies do not just wander around when prey is present. Find out how bad a ZOMBIE BLACK HOLE can be by reading the paper!

Abstract: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Cohesion states that zombie cells will form as a result of zombie food/prey alert signals that create a zombie cohesive field that attracts zombies.It is our contention that once such cells form, they may continue to grow into zombiesuper cells unless acted upon by either attrition (due to acts, obstacles and nature) or splitduring zombie cell stress-fission into smaller cells. A zombie super cell may eventuallyform a zombie black hole and all free-roaming zombies capable of reacting to a zombiealert signal may be absorbed into said zombie black hole. We must prepare.

The PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES II: Madore’s Rules of Zombie Vision and Visual Target Confirmation

THE PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES II: The second paper dives into the subject of how a zombie can tell the difference between humans (prey) and other zombies. Why don't they eat each other? How do they target (see)? Read and find out!

Abstract: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Vision states that zombies do not abide by a dress code when picking their targets. Zombie vision is broader in its available spectrum than humanvision and is more effective at night than normal, human vision. Atomic and molecular changes in the makeup of the pigment rhodopsin, present in both humans and zombies,have been identified as the means by which zombies have a broader spectrum of visionthan humans. Zombies target human shaped objects if said object also has humaninfrared heat signature. Zombies can detect life visually.

The PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES III: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Photosynthetic Vitality

THE PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES III: The third paper answers a MAJOR question: where do zombies get their energy if they are not eating food? How can a zombie, who has had his stomach blown out by a shotgun, survive? WHERE do they get their vitality? Read and find out!

Abstract: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Photosynthetic Vitality requires that zombies must bereceiving energy from a photosynthetic system. Zombies’ existence demonstrates adisregard for normal metabolic functions and a disdain for traditional eating habits.Zombies do not need normal food and can continue indefinitely without it. Humans, plants and bacteria each produce Adenosine Triphosphate as an energy source; zombie production of same is investigated. Implications for survival and combat are discussed.

The PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES IV: Madore’s Zombie War Doctrine

THE PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES IV: The fourth paper is about a new way of combating zombies utilizing a BREAKTHROUGH in tactics, strategy and doctrine. Learn how men, women and children may move beyond tricky headshots and on to safely disabling zombies with ease! Find out how a paintball marker might be better than a handgun in disabling zombies!

Abstract: Madore’s Zombie War Doctrine states that no predator has withstood the onslaught of human cognition without either being destroyed or managed. Madore’s Zombie War Doctrine recognizes that zombies have lost their human credentials and thus must be lower than humans on the predatory scale. A new Zombie War Doctrine has emerged that returns humans to their Apex predator status and recognizes zombies as a dangerous, but manageable, pest. The doctrine is based upon an elementary discovery of a basic disabling tactic to utilize against zombies. In turn, the new tactic allows a new strategy and doctrine to emerge. We must move beyond headshots and into a managed zombie-pest control program.

The PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES V: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Longevity and the Zombie Erosion Formula

THE PHYSICS OF ZOMBIES V: The fifth paper dives into the question of zombie longevity. How long can zombies survive? What causes them to come to an end? How long will we have to combat zombies after an infestation happens?

Abstract: Madore’s Rule of Zombie Longevity states that zombies do not rot in the traditional human biological sense, rather, they erode. We believe that zombies’ bodies do not repair themselves, thus, the erosion damage they incur on both the macro and micro levels is cumulative and permanent. We present a formula (ZEF: the zombie erosion formula) that calculates the probable factors involved in zombie erosion, and hence, the impact of that erosion on their longevity. We must prepare.


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After that, think about zombies and message us about zombies.  We’ll see where all this goes.

If you need to contact us for interviews, technical consulting for film, fiction or TV or to just chat about necropology in general, contact us here:  Send an email about NECROPOLOGY

WHO IS TALKING ABOUT THE MADORE BROTHERS AND THE ZOMBIE PHYSICS PAPERS? article by Florian Reynaud on "Realistic Zombies and Realism in Zombie Movies" (French Edition - it's in French but most modern web browsers will translate the page).

We were asked to give our opinion on what we think are realistic zombie films. Plus, there's a section about our work on Heart Land and the zombie academy we are running. Great stuff and another link in the chain of love from France!

SCIENCE ET AVENIR (FRANCE) - February Issue - Article: "Les zombies à l'assaut de la science" by Herve Ratel (Subscribers only - available for purchase as single article in archives - search by article title or "Madore".).

Translated quote from the article: "Most productive in this area are probably two American brothers Bob and David Madore, training and scientific founders of a new discipline, "nécropologie." They spent no less than five articles on their site on these creatures that fascinate them, questioning in particular the mechanism to identify their prey or their source of energy to be able to move."

Okay, how cool is that? Science Et Avenir told its 2.5 MILLION subscribers that we, the Madore Brothers, are the founders of a new scientific discipline! Well, we'll tell you! That's trés cool!

SCIENCE ET VIE JUNIOR (FRANCE) - The Special ZOMBIE DOSSIER ISSUE! The Madore Brothers feature prominently in this issue. Vive la France!

We made the Centerfold! Always knew that would happen... we even got to keep our clothes on!

SLATE (French Edition - in French) - Splendid article and review of the intersection of science and zombies by Julia Coulibaly. The Madore Brothers/Necropology feature prominently in the article.

French Slate article - TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH

Translated quote from the article: "The heart of the study is a brilliant reinterpretation of the theory of Black Holes: The Black Hole Zombie..." AWESOME! We came up with that (zombie black holes)!

Feed the Zombie Children ( put the spotlight on the Madore Brothers for their "Free Stuff Sunday" promotion.

Feed the Zombie Children is a fun and generous organization that helps zombie orphans in their plight in a human dominated world. We appreciate the support that comes from being a headliner on their Sunday service.

ZOMBIE A.C.R.E.S. - We were invited by the widely read and highly regarded ZOMBIE A.C.R.E.S. site and newsletter to write an introductory article explaining our work.

We would like to thank Zombie A.C.R.E.S. owner and founder, Josh Cook, for the invite and for fancying-up our article with pics and layout. Our article was sent out in the same issue celebrating George Romero's birthday - it's an honor!

ZOMBIE A.C.R.E.S. - We wrote a Science Dispatch special to Zombie A.C.R.E.S. on the topic of ULTRA-Fast Zombies. Short and sweet article on ZOMBIE SPEED LIMITS.

Z-Composition: SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Guest Blog article by the Madore Brothers about the importance of staying silent during a zombie apocalypse. Includes basic tips and silence diagnostic questions.

Z-composition is the bi-monthly literary e-zine brain child of Elizabeth Akin Stelling, a published poet and writer.




We were asked by the authors to provide a scientific and logical introduction to their guide. Morgan is a cutting-edge, female survival expert and one of the founders of The Zombie Response Team. Jack is an accomplished author and has been declared the "Zombie King" on To be asked by two of the preeminent minds in the zombie world to set the stage for their book is a major honor.

The guide has an awesome feature for when the grid collapses: it can be read without recharging or without internet access. It's a book. You can hold it in your hands. Books are great!


Heart Land (2014) - IMDB

Heart Land Movie Facebook

Heart Land Movie Twitter

Heart Land's website

   About Heart Land Movie: The brutal allegory of a group of children in middle America struggling to survive in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. 

The Madore Brothers are working directly with writer/director Matthew A. Collins as the on-set zombie experts on Heart Land. We have worked hand-in-hand with Matt on every aspect of zombie behavior, physiology and the science behind the Heart Land zombie plague. We look forward to training the zombie actors in our special "Zombie University" and giving guidance about "everything zombie" through out the making of the film. Oh, and, keep your eyes open for announcements about a special project to coincide with the launch of the film... (want a hint? "Soup to Nuts Zombies").

A Technical Analysis and Post-Modern Deconstruction of: HEART LAND - A Zombie Film Script from Center Mass Studios
   About this link: We have been peppered with questions from fans, friends and family about this movie. We wrote this piece to explain why we are so enthusiastic about the script.  Hopefully, this article will explain all that in one shot. We love discussing "all things zombies" but this has gotten a bit out of hand. Please read this article or shoot over to Bill Nelson's for additional material including an interview with the filmmakers. Thanks!

At the request of writer, director and producer B. Harrsion Smith we have completed a script analysis, provided zombie science input and overall script approval for his latest film Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard.

Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard website

ZK: EG Twitter

   About Zombie Killers: Elephant's Graveyard - The town of Elwood is a small, rural collection of colorful characters tended to by “Doc” a physician who looks out for the well being of the town and sees the community as his patient. Seiler, a war veteran trains a group of 20 something’s in paintball skirmish strategy as a practice for real weapon and militia training. It is an eclectic team of young men and women with Brody seeing potential in trainee Ian Sommers. The town is enclosed wide fencing that stretches miles around its perimeter. What lies beyond the fence is something awful, in the deep forests surrounding the town. Humans die but keep moving & shamble the landscape looking to spread their infection in a grisly, horrific way. The community is guarded by a band of young people raised since children to be military combatants. Under the leadership of vet Seiler (Billy Zane), they are known by the community as “Zombie Killers” a negative term used behind their backs.

The film stars such horror and SF film luminaries as Billy Zane, Mischa Barton, Dee Wallace, Gabrielle Stone and Felissa Rose - those are some of the humans! Now, about the zombies in the film? Harrison has taken great care in presenting a logical foundation for his zombies' creation, action and overall existence. The characters are responding to a scenario involving a zombie apocalypse with smart and sensible tactics and theories. The zombie action is believable! The human reactions to the situation are believable! We eagerly await the filming of this project (Fall 2013) and its eventual release... we are especially interested in the final sequences and scenes in the film because well...hmm... we can't give spoilers now can we? Let us just say that Harrison has written a superb ending to this film (DESPITE the fact that it's the first in a planned series of "ZK" films). The ending should demonstrate a major concept we hold dear in our studies of zombies - what happens when you have a LOT of zombies? We'll leave it at that.

Thanks to B. Harrison Smith for asking us to review and analyse his script and provide input - it was great fun and he's a heck of a writer! Now we have another awesome film to look forward to!

If anyone else would like us to get involved in their film projects you know where to find us...right here!

NEW! AUDIO/MULTIMEDIA with (or about) The Madore Brothers and

The 1st American Zombie Summit! TDB Pirate Radio's ZOMBIE BAIT! show hosted the First American Zombie Summit. *Warning* CONTAINS SOME ADULT CONTENT!

Participants: The Madore Brothers/, Timothy Dean's crew of zombie enthusiasts and on-air personalities, The Zombie Response Team and Josh Cook of Zombie A.C.R.E.S. We laughed a lot, talked a lot and learned a lot. We know that this summit is just the start of many more. There were great questions coming in from the audience the whole show... fun!

The 2nd American Zombie Summit! TDB Pirate Radio's ZOMBIE BAIT! show hosted the Second American Zombie Summit. *Warning* CONTAINS SOME ADULT CONTENT!

TDB Pirate Radio's ZOMBIE BAIT! show hosted the Madore Brothers for a two hour interview. *Warning* ADULT CONTENT!

We're too handsome for TV, so, hear us speak! TOP notch fun and fantastic questions from the audience and twitter friends (and fun musical breaks). Note: the recording starts with a touch of old school radio static, just let it play for a few and then the FUN starts! The Madore Brothers are profoundly grateful for the opportunity and a really great interview! TDB Pirate radio is the BOMB!

The Shaft 72: Bashur and Reymas Podcast - A Minecraft-centric show - "Bashur" and "Reymas" (the makers of the immensely popular web series The Legend of Hobo ) gave us crazy shout outs starting at 23:00 in the podcast.

Just an FYI - "Reymas" is the alter-ego of Mathew A. Collins, the screenwriter and director of Heart Land (see below in our "Cinema" section). Bashur is, well, Bashur - internet gaming legend and youtube star. These dudes are bomb-ass and we're honored to be mentioned in their sand box.

ZOMBIE RESPONSE TEAM - Zombie Response Team is a group of individuals dedicated to the eradication of the walking dead. Their main base of operations is in San Antonio, TX.

The "ZRT" link above goes to a podcast about "How Can Cookware Defend Against Zombies?" Necropology receives a big shout out for our study (unpublished) on using a frying pan to crack a skull/stop a zombie. If you aren't listening to their podcasts, you're not prepared!


What is this all about? Well, simple. We are working with Steven Mosley, career law enforcement officer and trainer and the Director of Training of the Combat Hard Training Center in Jonesboro, Ga. to create scientifically realistic zombies and zombie combat scenarios for their fun & innovative Zombie Killing Operative Training Program (ZKOTP).

They will be conducting the first Covert Action Unit Zombie Killing Operative Training Program. The Covert Action Unit is designed to seek out and report back to HQ any and all Zombie Outbreaks. The ZKO CAU members will be trained in the following: The Zombie Threat and Weaknesses, Team Function, Mission, and Equipment, Communication and Observation Skills, Physical Fitness, Scouting and Patrolling, Escape and Evasion, After Action Reporting and the Kukri Fighting and other Silent Killing Methods.

Their plan is to conduct several of these trainings so that they develop unit members. Once they have enough ZKO unit members they will conduct Phase II, which is the Direct Action Unit Training. The Direct Action Unit Team members will be trained to conduct raids and ambushes against hordes of Zombies. They are teaching many valuable real world skills during these courses - and we are providing guidance on the most realistic/scientific zombies for their forces to oppose. Exciting stuff!

If YOU would like realistic zombies to fight or film, drop us a line - we love this stuff!


Blood Sucking Geek has given us high praise for our article about our work. We're honored!

Awesome quote from Blood Sucking Geek: "Twitter can be (and usually is) a completely useless annoyance. However, here and there you stumble upon a gem, and in this case that gem is the Madore Brothers and their brilliant zombie papers at As of right now, Dave and Bob Madore have analyzed, re-analyzed, psychoanalyzed, physicized (made up word), psychophysicized (another made up word), and provided their conclusions in 5 papers."

Z-Composition: Are You Ready For An Emergency? Blog article about zombie apocalypse survival preparedness, mentioning the Madore Brothers as zombie experts (which, you know, we are).

ZOMBIE A.C.R.E.S. on "The Study of the Undead" - kickass mention of the Madore Brothers &

Awesome quote from the Z.A. piece: "There are a pair of brothers that are taking the zombie world by storm." We like that, we like that A LOT!

WEZOMBIE.COM - Educated and informed outside review of Physics of Zombies II: Zombie Vision and Target Confirmation with cool illustrations of our theory!

WEZOMBIE.COM - Educated and informed outside review of Physics of Zombies III: Photosynthetic Vitality once again with cool illustrations of our theory!

"Discussing Physics... among other things" BLOG article - A fun little article about our first paper - we love seeing people read and think about our work. Exciting! (Also, he has a cool illustration next to the article).

WEZOMBIE.COM / Discovery News VIDEO! Bill Nelson found and posted a video of a "zombie squid" that responds to "soy sauce" activating the ATP in the DEAD squid. Essentially, a follow up article on Physics of Zombies III: Photosynthetic Vitality with COOL VIDEO illustrating principles of our theory!

A Reddit entry for us (unsolicited) - Drop us a VOTE!


IF you would like us to swing by your website/blog/book/convention/zombiewalk/video game to "drop some science" or simply for us to check it out, drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!

This website is an organic effort and a labor of love by two former scientists and researchers that would like to bring a little sanity and clear thinking to the subject of the upcoming zombie apocalypse.  It will grow with your help.  Just look at the papers, check the site out, join the twitter thing and before you know it you’ll be fondly recalling the “good old days” when this site was basic, simple and organized.  That won’t be too far in the future…. Especially with the crazy (awesome) responses we’ve been receiving about our theories on zombie black holes and zombie heat vision.  Oh,and, keep your eyes open here and on Twitter - WE ARE ALWAYS HARD AT WORK! ADDITIONAL RESEARCH COMING SOON!  J



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